Source: We are in the match Lavazza vs Vytas (first round). Here comes a “high level” board. At most tables, East-West pushed their opponents to 5 Spades. Giovanni Donati did not need to be pushed! West led the ace of hearts and, expecting to make another heart and not a club, continued hearts. Donati ruffed and soon discovered that West was void in spades. After the double of 4club suitby RHO and the subsequent 5club suitby LHO, the young Italian thought the clubs were 4-6. So, he vizualized a 0-6-3-4 hand in West. When East furnished the 10 on the ace of diamonds and when West did not play the 9 on the second round, Donati called the king from dummy. 6 Spades made! Success is not an issue… Don’t forget to follow us @