Source: Bridgewinners By Gavin Wolpert Starting on Monday March 23rd Patty Tucker, member of the ACBL Hall of Fame, has generously offered to give free introductory lessons for kids to learn bridge. There will be two separate live streams Monday. From 1:00pm-1:30pmEastern Time Patty will gear the lesson towards kids who are basically new to cards. She will spend time teaching them about the different suits, which cards are the highest, and what tricks are. From 1:45pm-2:15pm The lesson will be geared towards kids and young adults that know their suits, ranks of cards, and have had a minimal amount of experience with trick-taking games. You can click a time above to take you to a Facebook page where you can set a reminder for the event, and share it around for any of your friends that may have children who could want to learn. From Patty’s Facebook Feed:

If you’ve never tried, it can be hard to hold and fan 13 cards. Making a card holder is easy and can be a lot of fun!

Take a box of tinfoil or plastic wrap and have an adult remove the serrated cutting edge from the box. Fold the lid inside the box and tape down the corners and sides, leaving the space along the long front edge un-taped. (Another box will work as well but needs to be short so that you can look over the top of the cards.)

Find some paper you can use to decorate your box. It can be wrapping paper already decorated…or what can be great fun is to create it themselves. Crayons, construction paper, glue, maybe some card symbols from an old deck, and markers can let you create your own card holder that has the colors and designs you like best.

VOILA! Your own personal card holder! Here’s mine! Send me a picture of yours.

Also from Patty’s Facebook Feed:

Parents – I know most of you have great parenting skills and know your children well, but here are a couple of tips when they are learning bridge. These comments come from personal experience when teaching camps and classes for kids…and I’ve seen them all. Just want to pass them along to all of you.

1. Let them play – just like when they are learning sports, you may show them how to hit the ball, but in a game you don’t take the bat away from them and do it for them.

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