Dutch Bridge Association

The Channel Trophy will again be played online this year. The Channel Trophy is the annual competition between the youth teams of the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France. If it is possible again, there will be played in March 2022, but there will be an online meeting on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 December.

The four countries play against each other once and you can watch on RealBridge (with a delay of about 30 minutes), click on the logo. You will then be presented with a list of matches from which you can make your choice.

The playing times are:
On Friday, the Netherlands will play against Belgium at 19.15 (1st half) and 21.00 (2nd half).
On Saturday, England will be the opponents at 10:00 and 11:45 and France at 14:30 and 16:15.

There are four categories: U26 (juniors), U26W (girls), U21 (aspirants) and U16 (pupils). The Dutch teams consist of:

Youp Caris – Pim Dupont
Dieter Goudzwaard – Sicco Kooiker
Sibrand van Oosten – Stephan Thorpe
Npc and coach Rob van den Bergh
Juliet Berwald – Mette Lejeune
Rixt Geertsma – Marieke van der Valk
Lotte de Wijs – Sarah de Wijs
Npc Janneke Wackwitz , coach Rens Philipsen
Jorn Essink – Gabòr Friesen
Sander Goor –Tobias Westerveld
Noa Kant – Reinder van der Weide
Npc and coach Rik Verbeek
Miel Brocken – Rex Brocken
Lyne Engelsman – Imke van den Wijngaard
Martijn Goor – Wout Klarenbeek
Coen Kloppert – Richard van Zandbeek
Npc Madelon Spek , coach Dennis Stuurman

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