REFERENCE THE VIDEOS FOR KIDS – Times listed are Eastern Daylight Time Atlanta Georgia HI ALL – This post relates to Monday 23rd videos to teach kids. I will be on-line at the times specified in the two posts that went out scheduling the classes. However I have discovered after I scheduled the Live Stream I could no longer use my iPad to film. I will be on line LIVE from my Bridge with Patty facebook page so just go to my Page…I’ll get on a few minutes early and give you time to find me. I will also ‘save’ the video and then share it on all the the other sites/pages I manage Patty Tucker, Bridge Teachers for Youth and Whirlwind Bridge.
In a last attempt to make sure everyone who was interested in viewing the video has a chance to see it, i’ll put it on my YouTube channel as well and have my web manager put a link on my Bridge with Patty website. Upon the return of my tech experts, I’ll switch the classes over to YouTube (probably Wednesday or Thursday).

This video is for kids who are interested in learning bridge, but have only a small amount of experience playing cards.

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