Source: 36th Nordic Bridge Championships Bulletins

Nils Kvangraven & Geir Helgemo
Nils Kvangraven & Geir Helgemo

Its all about the bidding. Well it is also a bit of cardplay as well, but these hands were interesting as the preempts gave it all some extra imps on the scorecards. Lets try this hand,

South is dealer, none vulnerable, you hold:

J T 9 7 6 4 2  K Q 4  K Q 8

South opens 1, what is your bid? I hope you didn’t consider to bid too much? Former World Champion, Ulf Tundal, bid 4. It certainly could have worked, sadly he hit this layout:Koistinen doubled and Fagerlund passed. 800 was not a good board for the Norwegian as
they made 400 at the other table. It was not the perfect dummy you got at 4X Uff!

Then Bjarni Einarsson had another exiting preempt. Lets put you as South holding these cards
Dealer: West Vul: NS  K Q 2   J 9 7 6 5 3 2   –   Q 8 6

Bjarni to your right, 1st seat white vs red, opens 3, do you bid 3, 4 or pass?
Well, lets say you pass, then LHO bid 4, pass, pass. Do you have a bid now?
4, dbl, pass?

I hope you did double, the full layout was like this:I bid 4 and played there making 6 after crushing AK of trump. A double would have brought Bjarni a bit of a headache, most like – 5 going 1100.

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