Source: Kingman Daily Miner – 27 Ene 1976 The prime requirement for an opening bid is some high cards. Usually 13 or more high-card points and surely at least 11. The prime requirement for a competitive bid is playing strength. Taking tricks, but not necessarily any high-card points. Some are necessary, but not 13 or even 11. The normal minimum is seven. Enough good reason to get into competition is to hold spades. If you have the spade suit you have an edge against all other suits in that your opponent will have to go one trick higher to take the bid away from you.

Lead: Heart Suit3 South holds a typical minimum spade overcall of East’s opening heart bid. Seven high card points and  good six-card spade suit. North’s jump to three spades is strictly competitive and South goes on to four spades purely as a defensive measure. West doubles and with both black suit finesses wrong South is one down. Not a bad result since four hearts would wrap up.

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