The timing of this event is so that junior players who will play in European and World events in July can practice in the company of international players.

As usual, enter by emailing

International friendly Junior Bridge Festival on RealBridge

Date:   Sunday 02 July 2023 Junior players from around the world are welcome to play in this free event. Please send an email to The email needs to be from the captain or coach, not the players. Enter up to 48 hours before the start time. Details below the poster. Special notices:
  1. There are 4 categories
  2. U16 are playing XIMP Pairs.
  3. U21, U26 and U31 are playing teams.
  4. Teams can have as many players as you like, typical is 6 players.
  5. The number of boards played are not the same for each category
  6. The U21, U26, U31 teams will be on the RealBridge kibitz server, for all to watch (with 30 minutes delay)
  7. It is not possible to play using a phone
  8. Players must use camera and microphone.

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