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Old Position, New Twist By Justin Lall

Source: Squeezing the Dummy; Tuesday, September 05, 2006 One of my favorite bridge stories occurred at the San Antonio bridge club several years ago. I was playing...

A Classic Fit Jump by Justin Lall

Source: Justin Lall Blog Nobody is vulnerable and you pick up K 9 7 4 2 7 4 6 K J T 8 7. LHO passes,...

The Lead’s The Thing by Justin Lall

As declarer, the clue that helps me figure out the hand the most is the opening lead. There is a wealth of reliable information...

The Lall’s Sacrifice by Justin Lall

During the World Mind Games Beijing 2014 Justin Lall played and commented this hand.

Common Defensive Theme by Justin Lall

Source: Justin Lall Playing matchpoints you pick up  A Q 9 2 A T 6 3 J 5 2 8 7. Starting on your right it goes (1)...

Mental Simulation by Justin Lall

Source: Justin Lall Most auctions start with each partner describing their hand to the other until one of them is able to take control. Taking control...

Overcalls By Joan Butts

Source: WHEN teaching the topic of overcalls, and points required for making them, it’s good to highlight the difference between the one-level, eg 1(1) and...