2021 Junior JLall Online Teams #1 – ENTRY DATE EXTENDED
The first Junior JLall event will be held from Dec. 28-30 and January 21-23 on RealBridge. It will be similar to regular JLall events, with a Round Robin to qualify teams for KO, but with shorter stages for both – the Round Robin will be 3 days long and will qualify four or eight teams for KO play.
The Junior JLall is open to all members of the USBF Junior Training Program.
Event Schedule and Format
• Junior JLall will be held from Dec. 28-30 and January 21-23.
• Play each day will start at noon EST and end at about 8:30 pm EST.
• There is no entry fee for the event.
• DIC for the event is McKenzie Myers. Tournament Organizer is Jan Martel. Software guru is Al Hollander. RealBridge may have some new kibitzing enhancements in place by January.
• The event format will be:
Round Robin, December 28-30: A complete Round Robin played over 2 or 3 days. Match length & schedule will depend on the number of teams entered.
The top 4 or 8 teams (at least 60% of the teams entered) qualify for the KO. Other teams are eliminated.
Knockouts, January 21-23:
• One match per day. 56 boards per match.
• There will be a short Captains’ meeting on January 5th to set the KO bracket. The precise method of setting the bracket is set forth in the Special Conditions of Contest. Summary: the top 3 teams from the Round Robin will select their opponents for the Quarterfinal from the bottom 4 qualifiers. The remaining qualifiers will be shuffled in groups to fill the bracket.
• The matches will be played on RealBridge. During the bidding & play, each player will see & hear their screenmate – (N&E, S&W).
Before and after each match, teammates will be seated at one table, and RealBridge is working on a way to allow the players who were sitting out to join you (players who sat out will be able to see & hear their teammates and be heard but not seen).
• There will be no real-time online kibitzing allowed for any match. Kibitzers will be able to watch after a delay. For the Round Robin, the delay will be until each match is over so kibitzing does not provide “state of the match” information. For the first half of each KO match, kibitzing will start half an hour after play starts, and each board will be shown no sooner than when all tables have finished playing it. For the second half of each KO match, kibitzing will start at the end of the segment. We will try to have voice commentary for some of the matches.
• RealBridge will archive bidding, play & score information for the event. We will also post scores on this website.
• Players may consult their bidding notes, SSF, and convention card during the bidding only. Other aids to memory (for example, lists of percentages, calculators, notes about carding) are not allowed.
• Play Requirements: Each player must play half of the Round Robin matches, rounded down if there are an odd number of matches to be eligible for the KO. Each player must play 50% of the boards in any KO match to remain eligible for the next KO match.
How to Enter
Entries are now open. Entries will close on Dec 21. You must be logged in to this website to enter. After you have logged in, click on “Enter 2021 Junior JLall” under the User Menu and complete the entry form.
Teams can freely change their rosters until December 24th. Roster changes are made by email to the Tournament Organizer. If an added player or pair is not able to meet the deadlines for system filing, they may not play any unusual method unless it is played by another pair in the event.
System Regulations & Conditions of Contest
• Normal USBF System regulations apply to this event – each pair must complete a USBF System Summary Form online and file an ACBL convention card no later than Dec 14th. To complete the SSF, log in and click on CREATE OR EDIT SSF under the User Menu. Follow instructions and you should be able to create a completely new SSF for this event or copy and edit a prior one. When you have finished filling out the SSF or making changes you must click on submit at the top or bottom of the page to save the changes – otherwise all of your hard work will be lost in cyberspace. To file the ACBL convention card, copy the URL for a BridgeWinners convention card, and email to Al Hollander or email a PDF of your convention card to Al. If you have filed an SSF &/or convention card recently that is/are completely unchanged for this event, email Al and he will magically move it forward to this event.
• This event is governed by the 2022 USBF General Conditions of Contest (link is to Draft 2 – comments welcome) and Special Conditions of Contest for the event.
• ACBL Open+ Convention Chart applies to this event.
Ethics Statement
The provisions of the USBF General Conditions of Contest regarding ethical obligations and possible penalties apply to this event. The USBF has appointed an Ethics Investigation Committee that will review any complaints about ethics violations. If the EIC concludes that a player or pair was acting unethically, they will report to the USBF COO, who may refer it to the USBF Recorder. Either the COO or Recorder may bring a Charge against the player to the Board of Directors, who may place a player on probation, suspend, or expel a player for cause.