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Australia: Matt Smith in The Sunday Times

Source: The Sunday Times 11 nov. 2018  NIGEL ROSENDORFF West Australian Matt Smith, who gave up his university studies to follow his dream to become...

Richard Freeman Junior Deal of the Year 2018

Source: IBPA Winner: Matt Smith (Australia) Journalist: Paul Lavings (Australia) Article: A Matter of Timing Event: 2017 ANC Youth Interstate Teams Source: IBPA Bulletin 631, August 2017, p. 9 OZ...

When to Draw Trumps by Paul Lavings

Source:   One of the mysteries of bridge is when you should draw trumps. Yet the answer is so simple. "YOU SHOULD DRAW TRUMPS WHEN YOUR...

The Security of the 4-3 Fit by Paul Lavings

Bridge is a game with thousands of unusual situations. Being aware of these situations is called “Technique”. One point of technique is that a 4-3 fit is often right...