Buenos Aires, July 27, 2017
Adolfo Madala
Adolfo Madala (Father)
Editor’s Note: Adolfo is Agustin Madala y Adolfito Madala father. Much water has passed under the bridges since that distant 1966 in which I began to play bridge. Dramatic changes have happened in these 50 years in all respects, but I believe I am not mistaken if I affirm that the most important has been the appearance of the INTERNET, which has erased distances, something unimaginable in my early years. We no longer need to wait a couple of months to find out boards, stories, anecdotes from big championships, now we can watch them in real time. For example these days I can follow, comfortably installed in my desk, the adventures of my two children in Toronto, Adolfo playing in the Steinberg team and Agustin in Lavazza team. I was looking at the third round of the Steinberg vs Rosenthal match. After various incidents the match was heading to a draw, when the cards of the last board appeared on the screen and I hurried to look at my son Adolfo cards, one of the best world leaders as he likes to define himself. Board 15 South Leader. N / S Vul.
Spade Suit 9 8 7 6 5 8 J 10 8 5 4 A 9
Spade Suit Q J 4 J 7 3 A 9 3 2 10 3 2 Spade Suit K 3 K 9 5 4 2 J 8 7 6 5 4
Spade Suit A 10 2 A Q 10 6 K Q 7 6 K Q
The bidding:
West North East South
Pass 3 Pass 3Spade Suit
Pass 3NT Pass 4Spade Suit
Pass Pass Pass
N/S were heading to play a game after a 2NT opening bid. At the other table my son’s teammates had played 3NT with an over-trick, here the opponents chose to play 4Spade Suitalso 10 tricks.
Gio thinks and Robin & Adolfo suggest
Adolfo was thinking the lead when I looked his partner’s hand, Robin Fellus (ITA), and I discovered that he had a diamond void and the Spade SuitKx. The situation had changed, now a diamond lead would defeat the contract. But, although I always hope for the best, it seemed to me that a diamond lead was almost impossible, Adolfo was still thinking. I started looking for a good explanation for a diamond lead. Spade was excluded and Robin had not doubled the 3 hearts transfer. So…HEY! It was not that impossible, it was almost a 50%, and Adolfo was still thinking. As time passed the 3 clubs cards appeared to me more and more horrible, I was already convinced that the only reasonable lead was diamond, I began to send my son telepathic messages, waiting for the network to transmit it to my son, and suddenly the 3  appeared over the table, 12 IMP’s for Steinberg. With many hands like this one; I will finish at the hospital. How I love the INTERNET!