Source: IBPA Bulletin Nov 2019 Here is a deal from thes 27th European Youth Team Championship in Stokke, Norway, this past summer. It comes from the Under-26 match between the Netherlands and Poland, two of the favourites for the title. At one table … Board 31. Dealer South.NS VUL.
Spade Suit6 Heart Suit8 3 Diamond SuitJ 9 7 5 club suitA K Q 10 6 4
Spade SuitK Q J 9 Heart SuitA Q 7 5 4 Diamond SuitK 10 6 club suit9 Spade Suit7 3 2 Heart SuitK J 2 Diamond SuitA Q 8 2 club suit8 7 2
Spade SuitA 10 8 5 4 Heart Suit 10 9 6 Diamond Suit 4 3 club suit J 5 3
West North East South
J. Patreuha Kiljan P. Patreuha Tijssen
1Heart Suit 3club suit 3Heart Suit Pass
4Heart Suit Pass Pass Pass
Kiljan cashed the king of clubs, then switched to his spade. Though he was given his ruff, that was all for the defence; ten tricks for minus 420. At the other table …
West North East South
Sprinkhuizen Marcinowski De Leon Sobczak
1Heart Suit 2club suit 2NT1 Pass
4club suit Pass 4Heart Suit Pass
Pass Pass
1 Limit raise in hearts, 3 + trumps.
Brian Senior
Brian Senior
Marcinowski led his singleton spade, knowing that there could be at most one club to be cashed. Sobczak won with the ace and dealt his partner a ruff. Marcinowski underled the ace-king-queen of clubs to put South back in with the jack to give him a second ruff. Very nicely done and the outcome was down one for minus 50 and 10 IMPs to Poland. Jos Jacobs reported that the same defence was found by 15-year-old Ronald Goor of the Netherlands in their match against Germany in the Under-21s.

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