Online Bridge Leaders Bridge Base Online and Funbridge Announce the launch of The First World Online Championship

Bridge Base Online and Funbridge are excited to announce the launch of the first World Online Championship (WOC). This official international competition will be organised by the World Bridge Federation, the National Bridge Federations and the China Bridge Online platform (CBO). This is a world first! The WOC will bring together online bridge players from all around the globe in a unique event. An exceptional total of USD 500,000 in cash prizes with USD 100,000 to the winner is offered, this makes it the highest prize ever seen in a bridge tournament! In addition, the winner(s) will be awarded titles of World Online Champion in their playing category. National and international Master Points and titles will also be allocated.

The Launch

A special day to launch the Championship will be held on Thursday 12th December with two daylong tournaments played on Funbridge (one IMPs, one MPs). This will be free of charge with prizes and Robot Master Points awarded to the winners.  Click here to download a PDF with more information about THE GREAT WORLD BRIDGE DAY.

When will the WOC itself take place ?

The WOC will take place from March 2020 to November 2020 on BBO, CBO and Funbridge.

Who? The WOC is open to all bridge players in the world.


The WOC will be in two phases:

1) Qualification phase from March to August 2020 on the platforms of the three main online bridge providers mentioned above. 2) Live final phase over 3 days in November 2020 with up to 500 qualifiers invited tothe venue (travel and accommodation provided).

This competition is a unique opportunity for bridge players and is more evidence of how much BBO and Funbridge are committed to promoting and developing the game of bridge worldwide. You can find out more by downloading the information brochure sent to the NBOs recently.

Stay tuned, more news to come!

What do other people think about this ? José Damiani quote: “I am very proud of this new initiative which will combine the WBF and its NBOs with the biggest online bridge platforms in a new major event which represents a key milestone for the development of the bridge. We are also very happy to partner with Bridge Base online, Funbridge and CBO who will provide a state-of-the-art technology platform where bridge players all over the world are playing and having fun” Olivier Comte quote: “We are very proud to accompany the World Bridge Federation to this amazing adventure. We know that thousands of passionate players will enjoy be able to play against and become world champion. It’s time for the Bridge to enter into the e-sport world and the WOC is the best way to do it!” Zia Mahmood quote: ‘Bridge players around the world are waking up to the news of the upcoming “World online Championship”. The brain child of Jose Damiani, this novel event looks like being the largest tournament ever held . I know I will join thousands of others in chasing the $500,000 prize fund . My advice ..”too good to miss!” ‘ Anna Gudge (ECatsBridge) quote: “ECats is really pleased to be involved with this amazing concept. So go on … take up the challenge and join in – it sounds enormous fun!, ” Mark Horton quote: “My immediate reaction – a fantastic concept! Brazil NBO quote: “That’s really cool and we will let everyone know!” Zone 5 office quote: “We will do our best to get our membership to support this fantastic initiative.” Australian Bridge Federation quote: “ Sounds like a great event.” Welsh Bridge Union quote: “I will spread the good word to all in Welsh Bridge.” South Africa Federation quote: “It has been allocated space in the upcoming bulletin. Looks very exciting.

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