Source: Dealer South. Both Vul
10 5 4 9 2 A K Q K J 7 5 3
7 6 K Q 5 4 9 7 4 10 9 6 2 9 8 2 A 10 8 3 10 8 6 3 2 A
A K Q J 3 J 7 6 J 5 Q 8 4
West North East South
Pass 2 Pass 2
Pass 4 End
Opening lead: K Bidding commentary: As South, treat a solid five-card major suit as a six-card suit and bid accordingly.
Eddie Kantar
Eddie Kantar
Defensive commentary: As East, avoid the common defensive error of signaling interest or disinterest in the suit partner has led (K) before looking at the rest of the hand. Here you have the blank A and would like a club ruff. You can get it but you must overtake the K, cash the A, exit a heart to partner’s queen, and ruff the club return.  Down one. If you look only at hearts, you are apt to signal encouragement to show the ace. Once partner continues a heart, goodbye club ruff, goodbye defeating 4. The lesson to be learned here is that third hand should take a moment to get an overview of the deal, not just the suit partner has led, before playing to the first trick.