I would like to inform the players about Landy, a convention in use after the opponents have opened 1NT.

A 2 overcall is showing at least 4-4 in the majors, and a 2relay from partner is asking the 2bidder to show his longest suit. (The 2overcaller is typically 2-2 or 3-3 in the majors).

Note that the convention is in use both in 2nd and 4th position.

Here is an example of the convention in use at the 2001 European Teams Championships.

I was sitting North, partnering Geir Helgemo in Norway’s match against Sweden.

Dealer: South, None Vul

K 10 8 6 3
A 10 8 7 4

A 9 8
A 5 2
K Q 6
Q J 10 4 3
Q J 4
9 5 3
J 10 7 2
K 7 2
9 7
K 6 2
A 9 8 5 4 3
6 5
West North East South
Andersson Helness Gullberg Helgemo
1NT 2* Pass 2
Pass 3 Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass

Andersson for Sweden opened a strong 1NT.

I bid 2for the majors.

Geir bid 2, showing his best major. Remember this was a team’s event. I had to make an invitation with 3, and Geir was happy to accept with his king to three in trumps and an outside ace.

With the suits behaving very nicely, Geir had no problems collecting 11 tricks and some valuable IMPs for our team.

written by Tor Helness in 2002 for Topbridge.com