Semi-final: 3 segments of 14 boards ▪ Each segment can be played on a different day. ▪ Can’t split to 7 boards segment. ▪ Can’t replace pairs in the middle of each segment. Skype and communication:
  • Cameras (Laptop or external) will be used to increase the “secure environment”.
  • N-E and S-W will share a Skype video screen through the match.
  • Using phones OR any other communication measures during playing is strictly prohibited.
  • During the game, the players shouldn’t use any communicating software. They might use their phones only in case of disconnect and only for contacting their NPC/Coach.
  • The NPC’s and the Coaches can and should use their phones for dealing with any connectivity issues.
  • NPC and COACHES must ensure the right and correct running of the matches.
  • Kibitzers Are allowed.
Don’t forget – you can still enter for the 6th World Youth Open Bridge Championships being held in Croatia from 20 – 29 August.

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