5th FunBridge World Youth Open Championships

Lyon, France • 15 – 24 August 2017

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August 20th This is a TripAdvisor opinion over: Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere

It’s well worth the approx 20 minute steep hike up the winding road to this gorgeous basilica, but if you are faint of heart (or breath), take the funicular from Vieux Lyon station which will zip you up there in no time! The views of the city from the walls around the cathedral are spectacular, and from the left side you can also wander down into the gardens below (which could be a nice way to do your descent), which must be exquisite in June-July when the hydrangeas and roses would be in full bloom. The church itself has had its facade recently restored and is a stunning example of gothic architecture. But it’s the inside that is really original, with mosaics covering almost every surface–walls, ceiling and floors–with massive frescoes. Gorgeous! Not to be missed.

As you have spectacular spectacular views over Lyon from the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere BBO gives kibitzers an espectacular view over the bridge tables. Here are some boards (with different points of view) from a Junior Team Match:

Villa Fabbriche vs China RDFZ Sidney

These were the standings, before the match: China RDFZ Sidney was leading the field with 74.41; Villa Fabbriche was third with 64.24. Board 23 The partnership from Villa Fabbriche: Minutti-Crusizio chose to penalize 2Spade Suitas the final contract of the board. Lead: Heart SuitK Declarer won the lead with his ace and played a club to the club suit10, Minutti won with his king and returned his last heart. Crusizio won the trick with his Heart Suit10  and left his hand playing his trump. Declarer played low from dummy, Miunutti played the Spade Suit9, and finally the ten won. Now came another club to the ace, and a diamond. West played low, declarer played the Diamond Suit9 and Crusizio played the Diamond SuitA. War was over, now the contract was cold. Crusizio played a club, and declarer ruffed in his hand to play the Diamond SuitK and afterwards ruff a diamond in dummy. He continued ruffing a heart in his hand claiming 8 tricks for +670. At the other table E/W played 3NT done, so 15 IMPs for China RFDZ Sinrey. Lead: Diamond Suit3 Declarer’s Diamond SuitQ won the first trick and back came a heart. Bakke won with his ace and played a small diamond to dummy’s ace. Declarer decided to start working the club suit and played a small club. Shah played low too, and dummy’s club suitK won the trick. SI continued with four heart rounds, arriving to this final: Now he played the Spade Suit2, Shah played low, declarer played low from the table and claimed. Board 28 After West’s 1Diamond Suit opening bid, N/S arrived to a 4Spade Suit contract. Yin chose to defend to 5club suitand Shah doubled. Lead: Spade SuitK Shah covered his partner’s king with his ace to play the Heart SuitQ. Yin played his ace, and Bakke his king. Yin cashed the club suitJ and continued with a diamond, Diamond Suit10, Diamond SuitJDiamond SuitQ. Shah played a diamond to his partner’s ace and back came a heart. Shah won with his valet and returned a diamond for a ruff. Yin ruffed the spade return and claimed -800. At the other room N/S only played 3Spade Suit, but gave them 12 IMPs.  Round 29: Bakke opened his hand with 3Diamond Suit and bought the board. He made easy 10 tricks with a heart lead, he only lose two diamonds and a club. At the other table: After North pass, E/W very fast arrived to the spade contract. And with the well placed club ace, declarer had 10 easy tricks. 13 IMPs for Villa Fabbriche. The match ended Villa Fabbriche. 47 – China RDFZ Synrey 21. And Villa Fabbriche was now the new leader. This are the results of all the boards of the match: