5th FunBridge World Youth Open Championships

Lyon, France • 15 – 24 August 2017

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Running Scores
 Junior Teams  Youngsters Teams Girls Teams Kids Teams
The format of the Youth Team Championships is the following:
Juniors, Girls and Kids will be playing 8 rounds of Swiss (Qualification), 10 boards each, followed by Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final & Play-Off. Youngsters will play a full Round Robin, 11 rounds of 10 boards each, followed by Semi-Finals and Final & Play-Off.
20th August

August 21th Schedule 

10.00 J – G -K Quarterfinal 1 – Y Qualifying 9 10.30 BAM session 1 12.00 Y Qualifying 10 12.20 J – G -K Quarterfinal 2 13.30 BAM session 2 14.30 Y Qualifying 11 15.30 J – G -K Quarterfinal 3 16.00 BAM session 3 17.50 J – G -K Quarterfinal 4
Source: Bulletin 6

All together now

It is now time for players in the Funbridge World Youth Open Bridge Championships to play the head-to-head matches.
The Juniors, Youngsters and Girls have finished qualifying play and will begin the first of their four quarterfinal matches today. The Youngsters will play three qualifying matches in their round robin today to determine the teams that will do battle in the semifinal stage of their event.
For non-qualifiers, the Board-a-Match Teams begins with three sessions today.

Final Standings Qualification Stage