Ilai Baniri

Discussing some hands of this event with my friend Ilai Baniri (ISR), we decided to consult some hands with friends. I for my side and he for his, combining experience with youth, and the results are as follows.

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Problem 4: Brazil against France Category U26

Dealer North. All Vul

x x A 10 x x  10 9 x x  J 9 x

West North East South
41 Pass 4
Dbl Pass 4NT2 ?

1: 4= a hand too good offensively to open 4.

2: Pick.

Roberto Figueira de Mello(BRZ) WGM: 5

Roberto Figueira de Mello
Roberto Figueira de Mello

5– I have one important ace and two spades. The bidding will problably be decided above 5.

Marcelo Castello Branco (BRZ) WGM: Double 

Marcelo Castello Branco
Marcelo Castello Branco

Double to show i have one offensive/defensive trick (A)                    

David Bakhshi (ENG) WIM: Pass

David Bakhshi
David Bakhshi
I would pass. I do not expect to make 5and may not have enough defence to beat 5m. If partner has extra strength and can take another action then I may wish to reconsider.

Krzysztof Martens (MON) WGM: Double

Krzyztof Martens
Krzyztof Martens

Double – I have one trick. Partner bid something.

Brian Senior (ENG) WM: Pass

Brian Senior
Brian Senior
Pass. I don’t think I have enough to get involved at this stage.

Dennis Bilde (DEN) WIM: Double 

Dennis Bilde

Double. Is difficult. If I play double as interest in bidding I would do that.
Otherwise I would pass.

Mikael Rimstedt (SWE) WIM: 5
Mikael Rimstedt 
Mikael Rimstedt
Bidding 5. Might even make if partner has the right cards. Might also be a good save. Feels like the worst scenario is down one vs down one.
 Liam Milne (AUS) WIM: Double
Liam Milne
Liam Milne 
Double. If partner doubles 5or 5, I think they will go down (I have an ace plus a likely trump trick if partner doubles). If partner does not double anything, I will pass.
Christian Bakke (NOR) WM: Pass
Christian Bakke
Bar Tarnovski (ISR) WIM: Pass
Pass. I need better definition for 4opening . I would take it as 8 & half tricks . so I would pass . If I have agreements – X is a good option – because it should suggest partner to bid 5/ X / pass if he has anything special . if you want to penalty them you just pass and then X.
Asaf Yekutieli (ISR) Double
BBO Nick: tol23
Double. I do not believe we could make an educated decision as the bidding unfolds on our own. I assert that even without explicit agreement, partner should interpret a double on our behalf as contemplating save or double.
Our hand, comprising an ace, and additional “small” defensive assets in the form of only two spades and some spots, is quite typical of that bidding path.
Conclusion: Dbl.
Adam Stokka (SWE) Pass

Jeff Rubens (USA) Pass

Jeff Rubens
Jeff Rubens

Vassilis Virvidakis (GRE) Double

Vasileios Virvidakis
BBO Nick: vasmar

Double since i have a defensive trick


Double = 6 experts

Pass = 6 experts

5 = 2 expert