Source: bridgewinners The Michael Seamon Junior US Bridge Championships (Junior Trials) starts tomorrow (Tuesday, December 27). Kibitzing will be available on the LoveBridge platform. The U26 teams will play a one-day Round Robin (RR) on Tuesday, after which the top 4 teams will continue in the USA1 KO and the remaining 6 teams will compete in the USA2 bracket. U21 starts with a two-day RR on Tuesday and Wednesday, after which the top 4 teams will continue in the KO stages of USA1 and USA2. The Rona competition starts December 29 with a two-day RR, followed by a one-day KO final between the top 2 teams. We hope to have voice commentary for the KO matches but not for the RRs. Start times tomorrow may be slightly delayed because of the many weather-related problems players are having; for example, three players are taking a bus from NYC to Atlanta. See the USBF website for more information about the tournament schedule or about kibitzing on LoveBridge.

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