Dear Bridge friend:

Micke Melander
Micke Melander

This mail is sent to all those who has entered an official Junior team for the Swedish Bridgefestival and are within the 15 who receive two free double rooms and some of the tournaments for free.You have all submitted various information, but I need more to set everything up. Please get back to me with the requested information:1. Name of country2. Name of NPC or PC (for Chairmans Cup – CC)3. E-mail address for the NPC/PC for further information. (for CC)4. Name of players (for CC)5. Combination of players for the Swedish Open Junior Pairs6. Arrival date7. Departure date8. Rooming list* (who’s sharing with who for the hotel booking)9. Any more persons following?10. Last but not least, in case any of any of your players need help with VISA we are in hurry. The get back to me ASAP and I will help with documents for the embassy.* If your team need more than two double rooms or if you want to extend your stay ( from the part that you get for free), you will get an invoice from me onsite that should be paid to our hospitality desk – unless you set it up with your federation so we should send it there. The cost is 210 SEK/night/person (that’s more or less €20). You have the two free double rooms for check-in Thursday 28th of July up to Friday 5th of August.  Pay attention to the fact that the Bridgefestival ends 7th of August so its possible to play a lot more in the end for instance the Gold Mine Pairs.Tournaments1. Swedish Open Junior Pairs – 29-30th of July. Starts at 13.00 the 29th and ends 11.45 the 30th.2. Chairman´s Cup – starts 30th of July @ 13.30 with a swiss (captains meeting at 12.00), the best 62 qualify for the KO stages that will be played until Thursday 4th of July.3. If knocked out of Chairmans Cup you can freely play all morning bronze tournaments in the Bridgefestival. To be able to do this you have to pick up a ticket for your entry fee at our hospitality desk. This is not needed for 1 and 2 above.4. Beside this already mentioned there are a lot of tournaments organized and play you can almost play in all of them.5. There are prize-money to win in all tournaments, prizegiving ceremony is normally directly after finished tournament. If you miss to pick your prize up they will be collected at our hospitality desk.”Hard facts” that are good to know:1. The Swedish Bridge Festival is played at Conventum Arena in Örebro, Sweden.,306.htm2. Your accommodation will be at Scandic Hotel Väst in Örebro.  and includes their giant break-fast buffet.

3. There are various ways to get to Örebro if you arrive by air. Depending on where you are landing. The most easy way use to be train. If you for instance fly to Stockholm/Arlanda there is a trainstation below the airport, so no need of transfers in between. The same goes for Copenhagen. However there are “low-price” airports in both Västerås, Nyköping and Örebro in the area who host Ryan Air, Wizz and some more airlines.

There are of course also busses to connect with unless someone want to rent a car and make the drive. The distance from Stockholm is more or less 200 km. Örebro is located in the middle between Gothenburg and Stockholm. To check for trains see you have any further questions or thoughts – just ask and I will do my best to answer them.I also attach our flyer with all information about the Swedish Bridgefestival

 Med vänliga hälsningar/Best regards,Micke MelanderSvenska Bridgeförbundet/Swedish Bridge FederationEn bild som visar text

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