They were nearly 200 to play the national final of the French school championships this weekend at the headquarters of the FFB in Saint-Cloud, 4 titles of French champions at stake. The 2022 Level 1 podiums
  1. Charlotte Puech – Mahé Baduel (Limousin)
  2. Marc Vivier – Clement Delorme (Anjou)
  3. Yash Arora – Jamie Kissane (Lyonnais)
Level 2
  1. Caroline Guibe – Jean Baptiste Vanel (Lorraine)
  2. Julles Arrignon – Gautier-Marius Chasseriau (Charentes)
  3. Pauline Segalla – Lucie Dupouy (Paris)
Level 1
  1. Leo Belle, Mathys Declerck, Noe Hermant, Victor Massicot (Flanders)
  2. Paul Texier, Sacha Pssaloux, Timothé Graffin-Ducarré, Malik Boumendjel (Lyonnais)
  3. Clementine Desmurget, Yanis Rebeh, Cherine Hajam, Amaury Bobrosky (Lyonnais)
Level 2
  1. Liam Mateu-Gonzalez, Axel Cocolomb, Lise Bastien, Marilou Baltzli (Lyonnais)
  2. Caroline Guibe, Valentin Peupion, Jean-Baptiste Vanel, Lilo Magoni-Antoine (Lorraine)
  3. Arthur Javoy, Angelina Diot, Moira Prioux, Maxime Ducloux (Limousin)
SCHOOL/2 LEVEL 1A Results SCHOOL/4 LEVEL 1 Results Educational bridge The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports and the FFB signed a new framework agreement aimed at promoting the practice of bridge in schools in March 2022. Renewed since 2012, this partnership helps to strengthen the learning the fundamentals from CP to terminale.

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