Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Bridge Lesson by Barry Rigal

During the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series Mr. Barry Rigal explained this example.

Solution to Riddle N°3 by Gilad Ofir

New Riddle series for 2019 – 3rd Riddle ✅ Direct link to the official WBF Youth Page: ✅ Direct link to the Our WBF Youth Online Games Group: ✅ Direct...

Where are the Cards by Peter Hollands

Pete Hollands talks through his process of identifying where the missing cards are. Check out for more.

How To Take More Tricks by Peter Hollands

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...

Test Your Safety Play

Source: Jordan_Br youtube Channel

***Replay*** Gavin Wolpert & Rob Barrington Play an Instant Tournament

For anyone who is sitting around with not much to do (I suspect quite a few of you) at, I will be doing a...

Video: Frozen Suits…MUST KNOW explanation

A silent PowerPoint presentation based on teaching notes by Bernie Hunt at the First Class Bridge Academy in Essex.

Timing is All – Sky Bridge Club