Source: FFbridge FB Wall Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, and Franck Riehm, President of the FFB, have signed a new framework agreement aimed at promoting the practice of bridge in schools. Renewed since 2012, this partnership contributes to reinforcing the learning of the bridge fundamentals from the first to the last grade. On this occasion, the Minister talks about bridge. Interview with Jean-Michel Blanquer :
Translation: Hello everyone we are here at the Ministry of Education, we will sign the fourth agreement with the National Education, the first having been signed in 2012. Bridge is a game that allows to develop cognitive qualities but also social qualities, that is to say interactions with others, respecting the opponent, and it is necessary to understand the partner. There is a false idea about the bridge player, its a social connotation, as if it were only for social elites, I know very well that this is not true and that on the contrary bridge is accessible to all and that it is also an element of social mix, which is very useful to unite people, this is true within the school and it’s true within the family, that’s why we have distributed decks of cards that allow the practice of bridge to students of preparatory classes. It is so that bridge can be initiated at school. Bridge is also an intergenerational link if, for example, there is a bridge club near a local elementary school or a secondary school or a high school, it allows the students and adults of all ages to play. So this intergenerational link can be promoted, which is one of the reasons why I support the practice of bridge in schools and extracurricular activities.

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