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Win the Open Excellence at 17 is the feat that have just achieved Farès and Nao, two young Lyon from school bridge …

The podiums:

Farès Ait Mouhoub, 17, and Nao Tabata, 16, won Excellence and beat the record for the youngest pair to become French champion in this category. The two Lyonnais have discovered the bridge in college, in class of 5th.

In Honor the victory goes to the pair Angevine Gérard Tempez and Gildas Paravey.
Bridge-Club de Montbéliard (Burgundy) has two new French champions with Christophe Del Grande and Jean-Yves Thiriet.

Philippe Tchoulkine, 14, and Maxence Roches, 13 (Val de Seine) are vice-champions of France on promotion.

Photo report

1. Farès Ait Mouhoub-Nao Tabata-Lyonnais
2. Marina Simon – Philippe Ruault-Basse-Normandie
3. Michel Roland-Woyeciech Uszynski-Paris

1.Gerard Tempez-Gildas Paravey-Anjou
2. Jean-Pierre Micheletti-Jacques Van of Wiele-Hurepoix
3. Corinne Prat-Daniel Corbel-Picardie

1. Christophe Del-Jean-Yves Thiriet-Burgundy
2. Maxence Roches-Philippe Tchoulkine-Val de Seine
3. Pascal Rabbe-Michel Aubineau

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