Step 1: Information sharing (always turn by turn) There are totally 6 kinds of information available to be shared by each player. Passing is not allowed. 1. HCP 2. Pattern (always in descending order of numbers) 3. Number of cards in Spades 4. Number of cards in Hearts 5. Number of cards in Diamonds 6. Number of cards in Clubs Clockwise, starting with the dealer, each player can choose to share a total of any two pieces of the information – one information at a time. Step 2: Bidding (always revealed at the same time) If the highest bid is the same between two or more players, then either the dealer with the highest bid or the next person after the Dealer becomes Temporary Declarer #1 (TD1). Next, both the opponents of the TD1, at the same time, have to chance to pass, double or bid higher. If both pass, TD1 becomes Permanent Declarer (PD). If one passes and one doubles OR both double – then TD1 has a chance to redouble or pass. Else, if either opponent becomes TD2, then TD1 and partner get the final chance, at the same time, to either pass, double or bid higher. Accordingly either TD1 or TD2 will become PD. Again, double / redouble is for penalty only. Step 3: Play Like bridge STEP 4: Scoring Each trick in any successful contract =10 points (from 7th trick onwards) Each overtrick = 10 points Game bonus = 100 points Small slam bonus = 200 points Grand slam bonus = 400 points Each undertrick = 20 points Doubled Contract = 2 times total score Redoubled Contract = 4 times total score