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Bert Toar Polii
Bert Toar Polii

Three Indonesian national teams consisting of U-26 Junior National Team with Very Pangkerego NPC and Mirza Noprian Utama coach, players:

1. Deddy Wirata (Batam) – Fathan Nahar Azali (Cirebon) 2. Jeffrey Prasetya (Berau) – Ika Ayu Puspitasari (Berau) 3. Miftah Afifah (Musi Banyuasin) – Mgs Alfarizi (Palembang) 4. Gatra Wiradika Aprilian (Jember) – Novendra Ravrielyan Bayu Putra (Gresik) 5. Scyvo Nelwan – Jordy Moleong (Manado) Girls U26 National Team consisting of: Coach: Elwindra and NPC: Nur Afifatur R and the players: 1. Diana Aulia Rahma (Gresik) – Azaria Elvinarisa (Kediri) 2. Riska Rahayu N (Pasuruan) – Alysia Ayu S (Pasuruan) 3 Sarah Rotinsulu (Manado) – Aprilia Runtungok (Manado) 4. Poetri Sonya Tarabunga (Bekasi) – Dewita Sonya Tarabunga (Bekasi) 5. Roro Joffani Tungga Dewi – Rahma Shaumi (Bandung) Kids U16 National Team consisting of Coach: John Tumewu and NPC: Raf Radiant Agung with the players: 1. Minyeo K – Jaedon K (North Sulawesi), 2. Shafa Salsabila – Suyenti Reza Amelia (West Sumatra), 3. Edwardana – Jonathan E (Riau Islands) Angelica), 4. Rompas-Takwa Winata (North Sulawesi). Currently participating in the 3rd WBF Youth Online Teams League, which begun on February 16, 2020 and will end on June 28, 2020 (Organized by the World Bridge Federation). Event world championships where matches are held at Bridge Base Online or BBO allow players to compete from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. In Junior U26, Indonesia along with 7 other countries play in Premier League A, then there are 8 countries in Premier League B, while in the First Division there are 12 countries. At Girls U26 there are Premier League A and B, each filled in 9 countries. Indonesia is in Premier League B. Meanwhile at U16 Kids played in the First Division which was followed by 10 countries. Indonesia Kids U16 failed to enter the Premier League because they resigned at the same event last year. The match system, the preliminary round will play 7 sessions and then the big 4 will play the semi-finals and final with a knockout system. After completing two sessions, the provisional results of Indonesia Girls U26 ranked second after successfully winning from Russia 13.48 – 6.52 VP then defeated Israel 13.23 – 6.27 VP. Provisional Ranking for Girls U26 Premier League Group B: 1. France 32.00 VP 2. Indonesia 26.71 VP 3. Russia 24.56 VP Furthermore, Indonesia Girls U26 will face Thailand then get the next bye against Romania, France and finally Denmark. Hopefully this position can be maintained until the end of the preliminary round so that it passes to the semi-finals. Great results were also achieved by Indonesia Kids U16 who also temporarily ranked second in the First Division after defeating Germany 14.19-5.81 VP and subsequently winning Greece 11.87-8.13 VP. Provisional ranking of KIDS U26 First Division: 1. Italy 32.04 VP 2. Indonesia 26.05 VP 3. Canada 25.81 VP Furthermore, Indonesia KIDS U16 will face Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Italy and finally Romania. If the bias can maintain this ranking then next year will move up the class to the Premier League. Meanwhile Indonesia Junior U26 is still slumped in rank 5 out of 8 countries in the Premier League due to two successive defeats from New Zealand 6.77 – 13.23 VP and from Denmark 5.45 – 14.55 VP. Hopefully we can get up in the last 5 sessions to face the rest of the opponent who is quite heavy because of entering the Premier League

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