After completing 4 sessions of the planned 7 session preliminary round, Kids U16 Indonesia national team temporarily leads the first place in the First Division category of Kids U16 or players under the age of 15 years. Kids U16 national team consisting of Coach: John Tumewu and NPC: Raf Radiant Agung with the players: 1. Minyeo K – Jaedon K (North Sulawesi) 2. Shafa Salsabila – Suyenti Reza Amelia (West Sumatra) 3. Edwardana – Jonathan E (Riau Islands) 4. Angelica Rompas – Takwa Winata (North Sulawesi) Until session 4, they had collected 59.29 VP after successfully defeating the Croatian team 20-0. Furthermore, Indonesia KIDS U16 will face Denmark, Italy and finally Romania. If they can maintain this ranking, next year they will move up to the Premier League. Temporary Rating: 1. Indonesia 59.29 VP 2. Taiwan 51.54 VP 3. Italy 50.43 VP 4. Canada 50.12 VP Meanwhile in the Girls U26 category, the Girls U26 national team consisting of: Coach: Elwindra and NPC: Nur Afifatur R and the players: 1. Diana Aulia Rahma (Gresik) – Azaria Elvinarisa (Kediri) 2. Riska Rahayu N (Pasuruan) – Alysia Ayu S (Pasuruan) 3. Sarah Rotinsulu (Manado) – Aprilia R imporok (Manado) 4. Poetri Sonya Tarabunga (Bekasi) – Dewita Sonya Tarabunga (Bekasi) In the 4th session this got a bye to reach an additional 12 VP. With this result, Indonesia is temporarily ranked second behind Russia. Furthermore, Indonesia Girls U26 will face Romania, France and finally Denmark. Hopefully this position can be maintained until the end of the preliminary round so that it qualifies for the semi-finals. Temporary ranking of Girls U26 Preimer League Pool B category: 1. Russia 58.54 VP 2. Indonesia 57.58 VP 3. France 45.52 VP 4. Denmark 36.80 VP Meanwhile in the Junior U26 category, Indonesia, which actually appeared in the Priemer League, did not appear convincing. U26 Junior National Team with Coach: Very Pangkerego and NPC: Mirza Noprian Utama and the players: 1. Deddy Wirata (Batam) – Fathan Nahar Azali (Cirebon) 2. Jeffrey Prasetya (Berau) – Ika Ayu Puspitasari (Berau) 3. Miftah Afifah (Musi Banyuasin) – Mgs Alfarizi (Palembang) 4. Gatra Wiradika Aprilian (Jember) – Novendra Ravrielyan Bayu Putra (Gresik) 5. Scyvo Nelwan – Jordy Moleong (Manado) This team is still lying in 7th place with just won 24.64 VP so the chance of relegation to the first division. In session 4, the U26 junior team was ranked 1 in Turkey with a score of 3.45-16.55 VP. Hopefully he can rise in the last 3 sessions to face the rest of his opponents who are quite heavy because they enter the Premier League. Temporary ranking Preimer League Pool A U26 1. Turkey 72.14 VP 2. USA 49.74 VP 3. Denmark 43, 75 VP 4. Serbia 43.14 VP Three Indonesian teams are currently participating in the 3rd WBF Youth Online Teams League which will be held on February 16, 2020 and will end on June 28, 2020 by the World Bridge Federation. World championship events where matches are held at Bridge Base Online or BBO allow players to compete from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. In Junior U26, Indonesia along with 7 other countries play in Premier League A, then there are 8 countries in Premier League B, while in the First Division there are 12 countries. At Girls U26 there are Premier League A and B, each filled in 9 countries. Indonesia is in Premier League B. Meanwhile at U16 Kids played in the First Division which was followed by 10 countries. Indonesia Kids U16 failed to enter the Premier League because they resigned at the same event last year.

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