Source: No more vacation tasks, but bridge labs No more math homework on vacation, but bridge laboratories. And alternating school-based bridge work. Bridge as a gym for the mind, able to help you make calculations quickly, to evaluate probabilities and percentages. The Italian Bridge Federation – a sports federation registered with the CONI – organizes mini-courses throughout Italy in affiliated associations. First free lesson to learn to capture the opponent’s cards, learn the tactics, attack and defense methods, the declaration, the game. “The bridge – explains Gabriele Tanini, president of the Lazio Regional Committee of the Italian Bridge Federation – is useful to students both in terms of statistical calculation and analysis. Who chooses other sports disciplines trains the body, whoever opts for bridge trains the mind ». Train your mind during the holidays And therefore the bridge to train the mind during the summer holidays. «I teach bridge in a scientific high school – explains Cristina Minelli, mathematics teacher at the Vittorio Veneto scientific office in Milan – because she develops the skills of the mathematical axis, the logic and the ability to quickly analyze a situation and deduce the best strategy, even without knowing all the information. I recommended a bridge book to my students instead of part of the math homework ». Even if it remains “a game to play as a leisure activity, learning to play bridge requires commitment. You don’t need to be good at math, but it definitely improves the approach to the discipline and its exercise. In addition to teaching healthy competition”, points out Nicoletta Romano, a mathematics professor at the Caravaggio Art School in Rome. Promotes analytical skills and the development of tactical strategies And it is a passion that runs through the boot from north to south. “Playing bridge exercises the mind, encourages aggregation and socialization among young people, strengthens concentration, self-control, analytical skills and the development of tactical and calculation strategies”, explains professor Maria Grazia Callea, professor of mathematics at the Ettore Majorana Institute of Palermo and passionate bridge-dweller, who for the summer leaves particular tasks to the boys. «My advice is to use the summer period to learn how to play bridge. It is a game, but also a mind sport». Bridge as an alternation of school work Another innovative project is bridge as an alternation between school and work. Professor Ina Salerno of the high school Benedetto Croce of Palermo explains that in collaboration with bridge associations she has created “a new educational path that has thrilled the more than 20 children who participated in the bridge project as a school-work alternation. In addition to the agonistic activity with the Sicilian student championships, the most important aspect was to acquire a working method that consists of evaluating the problem, collecting both direct and indirect information, analyzing it and finding the solution “. And the bridge, he explains, “teaches how to become a” team player “, playing and working as a team. An essential quality in today’s world of work ». Over 600 schools and 10 thousand students in the “Bridge a scuola” project Since 1993 bridge in Italy is a discipline recognized by CONI as a mind sport, since 1994 instead the Bridge Federation bridge has given life, with the patronage of the CONI and the consent of the Ministry of Public Education, to the project “Bridge a Scuola”. A project that has developed and grown so much that today there are over six hundred schools that have joined the initiative and almost ten thousand students who have approached the game of bridge capturing its educational value.

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