Source: Bridge.No Date: June 6. Group Games (10-16), finals and bronze finals (16-18) Location:  torefjell Resort Hotel . NB! The school championship will be online this year, on BridgeBaseOnline + zoom For whom: 5-10. class and high school How?  The idea is simple: Each bridge trainer educates a group of 4 children. NBF provides educational materials and follow-up, and is happy to attend school visits to the class when it re-opens in schools. Price: Free. Prizes in several classes. Boarding and lodging:  This year everyone lives at home. No deduction for that! Interested? Contact

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The purpose of the school championship

The purpose of the school championship is to create more active junior bridges in Norway. Join creating a junior environment where you live. We challenge YOU to train one table with juniors. The school championship is a goal to look forward for the kids learning bridge. Bet big and get the club to create their own junior section ( how to start a 3-month junior bridges club ), or start small, with four kids and a deck around the kitchen table. Begin with lynbridge .

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