The 15th World Bridge Series in underway at the Orlando World Center Marriott. WBF will broadcast a live show during the last match of the day, starting at 17.40 (Orlando time).

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Open Teams – Women Teams – Senior Teams – Open Pairs – Women Pairs – Senior Pairs – Junior Pairs 09/27/2018

Open Teams Quaterfinals

The Lavazza-Chagas match was dramatic until the last board. Finally Lavazza won by 6 IMPs on his rival and paved his way to the semifinals. At one of the tables the Italian team was represented by Bilde-Duboin in North-South while the Chagas team sat Thoma in West and Ravenna in East. Board 24 saw an excellent defense developed by Ravenna that managed to deceive the declarer to lose a cold contract. Board 24 The bidding:
Thoma Bilde Ravenna Duboin
1club suit 1spade suit X Pass
4heart suit 4spade suit Pass Pass
X All Pass
Lead: club suitA After winning the first trick, Ravenna decided to continue with a trump to stop Bilde’s possible heart ruffs. Watching spade suit 9 8 he decided to play his spade suit2, so declarer could not develop an entry to the table with the spade suit9. Bilde played the spade suit8, Thoma the spade suitQ and the declarer won with his trump ace. Pablo Ravenna These were the BBO comments at this point: CopeyJ: has to be a precise defence, club suitA lead, diamond to partner, club suit back ruffed and a trump shift I think, in fact even that isn’t enough as declarer can win, ruff a heart suit and throw last heart suit on club suitK, adding up to ten tricks. So this looks like 590 – but could easily be duplicated. CopeyJ: 3spade suit next door – and that was 200 so this will be 7 imps to Lavazza who will retake the lead by 6 CopeyJ: sorry 9 to Lavazza, who will lead by 8 ritong: playing aclub suitright now is the most elegant solution, but… CopeyJ: It’s true – easy from up here…and I have been precipitous. Bilde has a real problem now… And Bilde continued with a club… Ravenna throwed a heart (heart suit8, very fast). He was still thinking in denying declarer the spade suit9 as an entry to those beautifull dummy’s clubs…Declarer won the trick with the club suitK … These was the commentators reaction to Ravenna’s discard: CopeyJ: wow…bravo ritong: spade suit9 would have been an entry Bilde at this point in time, thinking Thoma had all the trumps…played another club …and after this move he couldnt win the hand… Bilde played dummy’sclub suit6, Thoma played hisclub suitQ, Bilde ruffed with thespade suit7 and Ravenna discarded another heart!!!. Declarer continued with heart suitA, ruffed a heart in dummy, and played a club, Thoma ruffed with his spade suit4, and Bilde threw his last heart loser, no play would have changed history at this moment, it was an imposible to stop trump promotion. Ravenna played his last heart too. Thoma returned the heart suitK, Bilde ruffed with the spade suit6, but Ravenna now over-ruffed for one down and a world-class defense… Bravo!!!