Hello WBF Youth site,
In these troubled times bridge is a welcome release to all of us who enjoy the game. I consider myself very lucky that I have plenty of bridge to play online.
I want to talk about an exciting new initiative which Shireen Mohandes has started, it is called ‘Over my shoulder’. She is giving you the opportunity to watch expert bridge players, from around the world, live and hear their thoughts. On top of  that you get the chance to question the expert about actions they have chosen during the game. You can even choose your expert dependent on the language you prefer so that everyone can enjoy the interaction.
Let’s get to the action now!
I am partnering David Gold this evening, one of the legends of modern English bridge. On my left is Adam Wildavsky, a Bermuda Bowl Bronze medalist, and on my right is Michael Kamil, the winner of this year’s Vanderbilt. Let’s hope the audience is asking plenty of questions!
From the very first hand the action is coming thick and fast. I pick up the following hand:
KQxx xxx AKJ10xx
I open 1, 4 on my left, double from partner, pass back to me; What now? Wow already a decision! What would you bid?
Despite having a minimum in high card points I have a very shapely hand and decide to bid 5 hoping to get ourside to a good slam.
Eventually we alight in 6. Partner has A109xx Kxx Ajx Qx. Grand slam missed but never easy in the face of such strong preempting by opponents.
All the best,
Over My Shoulder features Boye Brogeland April 11th Bridge By Shireen Mohandes