Brian Senior
Brian Senior
Source: Inspired Cardplay Here is an example of the suicide squeeze. The deal was played by Brian Senior, who has de distinction of representing both England and Ireland in internationals. Dealer South All Vul
9 6 3 2 A 8 7 10 8 6 8 5 3
J 10 5 Q 9 Q 9 4 2 Q 7 4 2 Q 4 J 10 4 3 2 J 7 3 K J 6
A K 8 7 K 6 5 A K 5 A 10 9
West North East South
Price Senior
Pass 3NT Pass Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: 2 West started with the 2 and East topped dummy’s ten with the jack. Senior allowed this card to win and captured the diamond continuation. His next move was to play the ace of spade. Is a singleton honour had fallen from West, three spades tricks could be made by continuing with a low spade, setting up a third round finesse. Two lowly spot cards appeared and Senior ducked a spade to set up the suit. East won and cleared the diamond suit. Would you have seen any chance at this stage? Prospects were poor indeed against best defence but Senior was not willing to give up. He played two more spades, ending in the dummy. A club to the ten left West on lead with these cards still to played:
A 8 7 8 5
Q 9 Q 7 4 J 10 4 K J
K 6 5 A 9
A heart or a club from West now would defeat the game. West did what most defenders would do and cashed his Q. East was squeezed and had to surrender the game going trick. Don’t forget to follow us @