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A Tale of Two Doubles

Source: 21st European Youth Team Championship; Bulletin 10 - 21 July 2007 The Belgian junior team finished finally in a slightly disappointing 14th place. Not so unexpected,...

Bridge By Susanna Gross

Source:  3 November 2012 In this country, Andrew Robson and bridge are practically synonymous: he’s the best known, and probably the best, player we have. His...

The Security of the 4-3 Fit by Paul Lavings

Bridge is a game with thousands of unusual situations. Being aware of these situations is called “Technique”. One point of technique is that a 4-3 fit is often right...

Playing in a 4-3 Fit By Jim Diebel

Source: wimpy-bridge by Jim Diebel          In past articles, I have been promoting the advantages of raising Partner’s 1st response of 1 in a major with only...