43rd World Bridge Teams Championships

Lyon, France • 12 – 26 August 2017

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August 16th Source: Bulletin 5


With more than half the Round-Robin completed, some of the teams expected to be contesting the quarter finals may be mindful of the words of the poet Andrew Marvell, ‘At my back I always hearTime’s wingèd chariot hurrying near’. In the Bermuda Bowl the teams at risk include Monaco, Germany and China. France, Israel, and both teams from the USA have work to do in the Venice Cup while Turkey and Poland are looking upwards in the d’Orsi Trophy. If you ask any of these teams (or indeed any of the squads in contention) what is likely to count over the next three days and what their most valuable asset might be I am willing to bet that the most common answer is likely to be experience. Those who have played at the highest level before are less likely to crack under pressure and they generally seem to be able to find an extra gear when it is needed. Mind you, as we saw in the recent World Athletics Championships, greatness in itself is not always enough, so perhaps we are about to witness a changing of the guard. We’ll have the answer in three days’ time.

Standings After 12 Rounds

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