43rd World Bridge Teams Championships

Lyon, France • 12 – 26 August 2017

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August 17h
Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse. Lyon’s mythic indoor food market with an international reputation for offering the very finest gourmet food.
Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse is one of the reasons that Lyon is dubbed France’s capital of gastronomy. An incredible variety of the finest quality food all assembled under one roof.


It was in 1859 that Lyon opened it’s first indoor food market in a large metallic structure located at Place Cordeliers in the centre of the city known as the “Presqu’ile”. One hundred years later the city decided to build a new indoor market representative of it’s commitment to gastronomy and in 1971 Les Halles was opened in the neighbourhood of La Part-Dieu close to Lyon’s main train station. Extensive renovations took place in 2004 resulting in the now 13,000 square metres of food vendors over 3 floors. The final touch was undoubtedly master chef Paul Bocuse  adding his name to the title of the market and securing it’s reputation as one of the finest places for food anywhere.
Marion Michelsen
Marion Michielsen
Just back from the Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse market, I decided to kib some hands in BBO and entered to the table where Brazil was playing against Sweden, there I found Marion Michielsen not only watching, she was commenting!!!. So here a board with her thougths…about a board. BB: 15th Round of the WBTC 2017 Board 3

The bidding (Closed room):
Carvalho  O. Rimstedt R. Dias   M. Rimstedt
Pass 2Spade Suit 2NT 3Spade Suit
All Pass
Lead: club suit10 West won the first trick with his club suitA and returned a trump. East won with his queen, cashed his Spade SuitA and continued with a third spade. Rimsted won with his Spade SuitK, continued with the Diamond SuitQ, and claimed 10 tricks when the Diamond SuitK appeared. The bidding (open room):
F. Nystrom G. Chagas J. Upmark M.Villas Boas
1Diamond Suit
Pass 1Spade Suit 2club suit 2Diamond Suit
4club suit Double Pass 4Spade Suit
All Pass
Lead: club suit9 Here the Brazilians didn’t stop before game and a club lead also helped them to make their contract with no problems. These were Marion comments during the board:
  • NS have a good game in 4Spade Suit here, which can only be beaten by the diamond king lead, so East can score a ruff… After this lead (club suit9), EW don’t have communication for the ruff anymore.
  • At the other table the Rimstedt brothers missed game, which is quite unusual with their aggressive style. Note the 2NT overcall there by East after North’s heavy 3rd seat weak 2Spade Suit bid.
The match ended : Brazil 37 – Sweden 34 IMP. All the results for the board: