March 27 2019
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12th BBO match Belgium – Israel

Belgium Dennis Dewit, Emiel Vandewiele, Clovis Dehaye, Jens van Overmeire, Sam Bahbout & NPC Wouter van den Hove. Israel Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass

Clash of Titans

Belgium finished (70,28) 2nd in Group A and Israel (66,71) 3rd in the other Group.

The match started with both tables playing the same 1NT contract and both declarers finished two down, Board 2 was a peaceful 3NT in both tables, but one declarer managed to make one more trick. Board 3 Although Israel stopped before game they made 10 tricks to score +170. At the other table Belgium arrived to the game and scored + 620…first double digit swing, 10 IMPs more for Belgium. Board 4 Israel opened the hand with one heart that was passed…and scored + 110. The Belgium player opened his hand with 2NT and the defense helped him with the 8th trick, when declarer played a club missing five tricks and Overmeir (ISR) had to win the trick and at the end had to play a spade from his Spade SuitA Q. Even board, and a chance lost by Israel to generate IMPs. Israel had a comeback on board 8 and recuperated almost all his losses. Board 8  In one table West opened his hand showing a two weak hand in hearts, and bought the board, scoring + 110. In the other table West passed and North opened one diamond, his partner answered 2(inverted minors) and after showing some controls, Khutorsky (ISR) chose to play 5. The declarer lost the club ace lead, ruffed the club continuation, played the trump ace, and claimed his contract for a much needed 11 IMPs. Board 10 defined the match in favor of Israel …In one table the Belgium N/S chose to play 2NT after a two weak opening bid and payed the decision three down. Dealer North. Both VUL
A K 6 3 J 8 7 5 4 K Q 10 K
7 4 2 K 9 2 7 5 4 A Q 8 4 10 9 8 5 A Q 10 6 3 A 9 7 6
Q J J 9 8 6 3 2 J 10 5 3 2
In the other room: Israel wrote a totally different story. East opened 2 = weak hearts and spades, after two pass, North reopened with 2NT, his partner said 3 (minors stayman) and North closed the 3NT game, after two Pass Dehaye (BLG) doubled, but Zeitak (ISR) in South asked for help with a redouble. North chose diamonds with a 4bid that was doubled too…Declarer made with no problem his contract and Israel turned the match upside down .
Israel Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass

The match ended: Israel 26 – Belgium 14

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