Ilai Baniri
Discussing some hands of this event with my friend Ilai Baniri (ISR), we decided to consult some hands with friends. I for my side and he for his, combining experience with youth, and the results are as follows.

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Problem 8: France against Denmark Category U26 Dealer North. Neither Vul 9 5 3  8 7 3  A Q J 9 4 3  3
West North East South
1 Pass 2
Pass 41 Pass 42
Pass 4 Pass ?
1 5/5 slamish 2 Positive cue-bid

Zia Mahmood (USA) WGM 4 

Zia Mahmood
Zia Mahmood

Marcelo Castello Branco (BRZ) WGM: 4  

Marcelo Castello Branco
Marcelo Castello Branco
4No extra values.

Giovanni Donati  (ITA) 4                    

Giovanni Donati
Giovanni Donati

David Bakhshi (ENG) WIM: 4

David Bakhshi
David Bakhshi
4– Though we have a potential trick source in diamonds, I’m worried that xxx spades are bad news. Having made a cooperative 4bid it feels like 4is enough at this stage. If partner is unable to make another try then I wouldn’t expect slam to be much better than a 50/50 contract.

Krzysztof Martens (MON) WGM: 4

Krzyztof Martens
Krzyztof Martens

Brian Senior (ENG) WM: 4

Brian Senior
Brian Senior
4. The easy one of the four problems. I have no reason to think we are runnung six diamond tricks. The combination of only three low trumps and singleton in partner’s second suit is not good. I have already cuebid once – that is enough – so sign off. The problem may come if partner bids again.

Ida Grönkvist (SWE) WIM 4

4. I have definitely done all I can on this hand by making a positive cue bid. I have no trump honours for partner and nothing that really helps him in clubs.

Benjamin Robles (CHI) WM 4

Benjamin Robles
Benjamin Robles
4. In the suits of my partner I have 953 and 3 … the appointment ends there.
Mikael Rimstedt (SWE) WIM: 4
Mikael Rimstedt 
Mikael Rimsted
4.Why did I bid 4D? I have a horrible hand. Sign off.
 Liam Milne (AUS) WIM: 4
Liam Milne
Liam Milne 
If partner’s diamonds are Kx, my hand is great – if they are singleton, my hand is not so good. Much more likely a singleton. I expect something like AKQxx Ax x KQTxx which was hoping for cards in the black suits, not a long side suit, so I will go low with 4S. If partner has AKQxx x Kx AQxxx, mea culpa. 
Christian Bakke (NOR) WM: 4
Christian Bakke
4. I don’t think my hand fits 5-5 in black very well, so it’s very hard to imagine a hand where 6S is good and p didn’t open a strong 2(unless he has Kx in D, but he is more likely to be short there).
Vassilis Virvidakis (GRE) 5
Vasileios Virvidakis
BBO Nick: vasmar
5. Probably showing shortage and if P has no wasted values in Clubs and good trumps he may bid 6e.g. if he has something like AKxxx, A, Kx, Axxxx especially after our 5.
Asaf Yekutieli (ISR) 4
BBO Nick: tol23
4 Partner’s bidding path invites us to assess our holding, assigning significant weight to black suit honors, and some value to side suit aces. Being cheered up by our ace, and club singleton, that is indeed a fair, albeit not excellent, holding, we contributed a 4cue. Now is the time to observe the shortcomings of our hand: no points whatsoever in partner’s suits, a terrible trump holding. Even opposite partner’s second drive to slam, we are far from safe at the 5 level. Answers: 4= 12 experts 5= 1 experts