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August 25, 2019 In the eighth round of the U 26 Open Category Australila faced Japan. At one of the tables Australia: John MCMAHON (Australia)  Nicholas RANSON (Australia) sitting E/W faced Japan: Hitoshi TANABE (Japan) – Hirokana YUGE (Japan) sitting N/S. At the other Australia: Matthew SMITH (Australia) – Jamie THOMPSON (Australia); faced Japon: Takayuki HINO (Japan) – Eisuke ENDO (Japan) Board 25
Contract: 6, lead= K Thompson open at the four level with 4, Endo Doubled and Smith with no much defense chose to support his partner at the fifth level. Hino doubled too, and East started showing his spade suit with two aces and four cards in his partner’s suit West didn’t stop before slam. Declarer couldn’t make disappear his two losers (one diamond and the ace of hearts) for one down. At the other table the bidding started at the level three giving E/W more space to decide their best spot. But when they stopped at the game level, Tanabe chose to say 5 and he was doubled. Declarer couldn’t stop to go four down paying 800. The board was 14 IMPs for Australia. Board 26
Contract = 5, lead =Q Endo opened 1, and Smith jumped to 3, Hino declared the spade game, but Thompson get preassure over the Japan players with 5. East decided to play at the fifth level with 5 and North doubled. Declarer won the lead with the A, played his singleton heart to dummy’s A and continued with the K to pitch his diamond loser. He continued with a club to the king and ruffed a club in dummy, afterwards he ruffed a heart in his hand, and ruffed another club in dummy this time withJ, but was overruffed with North’s queen. The A and the A buried the contract for one down. At the other table E/W were let play 4, done…and 13 IMPs for Australia.

The match ended: Australia 50 IMPs  Japan 2 IMPs