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Loser on Loser Play

Source: Wikipedia Loser on loser play is a type of declarer's play in contract bridge, usually in trump contracts, where the declarer discards a loser card (the one that...

Put off the finesse until the last possible moment By Easley...

Easley Rutland Blackwood (June 25, 1903 – March 27, 1992) was an American contract bridge player and writer, best known for the Blackwood convention used in bridge bidding. Blackwood was born...

Five tips for overcoming entry problems By Joan Butts

Source:  14th Coffs Coast Gold Congress at Opal Cove Resort Joan Butts, one of the Australia's Premier Bridge Teacher, had us playing hands based on a new book by...

Those Extra Chance in Bridge by Terence Reese & Rogel Trezel

South plays in 3NT and West leads the six of hearts, won by dummy's ten.