Source: BridgeWinners by Nick Fahrer
Hi everyone, I sorta have the feeling we will be social distancing for quite some time. Here in Australia, the national body has recommended that clubs close for at least four weeks and similar measures are being taken elsewhere. Recognizing many of us will go stir-crazy without a bridge fix, I’ve organized a digital care package with some people I know and work with. Hopefully, this will help those among us who are getting strung out. Free download of two bridge books (with thanks to Ray Lee of Master Point Press)
  • Bridge in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo: PDF ePub mobi
  • A Great Deal of Bridge Problems by Julian Pottage PDF
Free download of the January edition of Australian Bridge magazine (Novice edition)(with thanks to Brad Coles of Australian Bridge Magazine)
  • Australian Bridge magazine Novice Edition PDF
Free download of the text transcript of Marty Bergen’s lesson: (with thanks to Marty Bergen and Howard Schutzman)
  • To Finesse or Not to Finesse PDF
Free access to the Vu-Bridge V-Green newsletter # 117 (with thanks to Didier Levy of Vu-Bridge)
  • Quizzes and hands to play – link
Enjoy! (and don’t forget to wash your hands!)