5th FunBridge World Youth Open Championships

Lyon, France • 15 – 24 August 2017

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The format of the Youth Team Championships is the following:
Juniors, Girls and Kids will be playing 8 rounds of Swiss (Qualification), 10 boards each, followed by Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final & Play-Off. Youngsters will play a full Round Robin, 11 rounds of 10 boards each, followed by Semi-Finals and Final & Play-Off.
Here is the time schedule for the qualification stage of the Team Championships: 19th August Source: Bulletin 5

Standing by for stray IMPs

Team play in the Funbridge World Youth Open Bridge Championships is in full swing now as players in the four categories — Juniors,Youngsters, Girls and Kids — are battling to qualify for the knockout phases of their respective events. All four groups will be playing today, with the Juniors, Girls and Kids playing the final five rounds of their Swiss qualifying for the quarterfinal phases of their events. The Youngsters, currently in a round robin to qualify for their semifinals, will play three more rounds on Monday. All of them, of course, are looking for as many International Matchpoints (IMPs) as they can put on their scorecards.
At the end of play on Saturday, Egypt held the top spot in the Junior Teams, about 5 victory points ahead of Villa Fabbriche. Tops among the Youngsters is the Shengxing Team, about 2VPs clear of second-place France. The France I Girls are ahead by about 4 VPs in their group, with Shengxing Team I second. Shengxing Mars leads the Kids Teams, just ahead of Shengxing Venus.