43rd World Bridge Teams Championships

Lyon, France • 12 – 26 August 2017

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August 15th Source: Bulletin 4

Standings After 9 Rounds

August 16th


In the last decade or so the World Bridge Federation has embraced modern technology, which has enabled it to make tremendous strides in every department.The most obviously noticeable is in the field of scoring. But one should not forget the fields of tournament organisation and administration, which have been hugely enhanced. Just about everything is handled with the aid of computers, so it should come as no surprise that the latest advance involves one of the most modern computing devices, the tablet.
Traian Chira
Traian Chira
Unless you have been playing bridge on a desert island for the last few years you will know that major bridge championships that require the services of a BBO organiser turn to Traian Chira, who lives in Australia, having settled there in the early 1990’s following the  overthrow of Communism in Romania. A writer and manager of software, he has been responsible for a number of important developments that are primarily designed to improve online spectator’s viewing experience. His latest inno-vation is the introduction of tablet computers on each side of the screen that include a button for calling the Director (so on the other side of the screen they don’t know a call has been made) and one that has to be used when taking a ‘comfort’ break (ensuring that a team mate at the other table cannot leave at the same time). They are in use here in Lyon, and tablets are also being used to display information outside the BBO playing rooms. Whilst it is possible that future developments might see the bidding boxes replaced by tablets there are no plans to do away with the playing cards!

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