4.3 C
Lyon, Fr
Saturday, December 16, 2017

Master Point Details for 2017 World Youth Bridge Open Teams

Source: www.wbfmasterpoints.com Rank WBF Code Player MP/SP Awarded PP Awarded 1 11678  Christian Jolly of Japan 200 0.5 1 11679  Anam Tebha of U.S.A. 200 0.5 1 10340  Adam KAPLAN of U.S.A. 200 0.5 1 10341  Zachary GROSSACK of U.S.A. 200 0.5 1 9802  Adam GROSSACK of U.S.A. 200 0.5 1 11564  Kevin Rosenberg of U.S.A. 200 0.5 2 11676  Sanekata Sonoike of Japan 150 0.25 2 11677  Ryoichi Yamada of Japan 150 0.25 2 11672  Takayuki Hino of Japan 150 0.25 2 11673  Eishi Imakiire of Japan 150 0.25 2 11674  Koki Kobayashi...

WBTC- Lyon 2017: The Astronomical Clock of Lyon

43rd World Bridge Teams Championships Lyon, France • 12 - 26 August 2017 Results Live Streaming  Bulletins  Live News August 12 Source: www.atlasobscura.com At the turning of an hourglass in an angel’s...

Two Anecdotes By Norberto Bocchi

Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge I was 20 years old when was hired by Lavazza to play with the mythical Arturo Franco at...

The Opening Ceremony of EUSA Bridge and Chess Championships on local...

5th European Universities Bridge Championship Fuengirola, Spain  20-24 September Visit the Official Site

Junior Channel Trophy 2017 – 16 &17/12/2017

Source: Channel-Trophy-2017 Venue The event will be held at the Bridge Club Pieterman Koning Leopold-I straat 19, 3000 Leuven Belgium Googlemaps Club : 016/20.67.55 Secr : 0477/80.88.23 Spectators are very welcome...

EBU: Junior squad leader opportunities available

Source: EBU Would you like to get involved with the junior elite bridge programme? Do you enjoy working with young people and children? Two of the EBU...

Visit GBL Magazine

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France Math week: bridge imposes itself

https://www.facebook.com/957381360993690/videos/1050164358382056/ Semaine des mathématiques : le bridge s'impose

Mélic Dufrêne & Cherbourg are Bridge World Champions

Source: france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr At the age of 19, Mélic Dufrêne has just won the title of world team bridge champion under 21 years old. The tournament took...

5th World Youth Open Championships

5th World Youth Open Championships